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Services available include:


Individualized attention for the owner is guaranteed.  Owner’s goals for the property are discussed and attainment of these goals is reviewed regularly.


  • Careful tenant screening/qualification, with the process including thorough credit check and personal interviews with all prospective tenants.
  • Completion of both LEASE and TENANCY-AT-WILL agreements.


  • Collection of rent and all record keeping.
  • Payment of all bills as authorized; payment of property taxes, etc. also available.
  • Establishment and operation of necessary bank accounts.
  • Maintenance of security deposit account.
  • Owner’s disbursement.
  • Monthly operating statements and checkbook reconciliation statements prepared for owner.
  • Contracting of Accounting services for Annual review and Tax purposes available.


  • Experienced in resolving tenant problems and complaints.
  • Experienced in Landlord/Tenant legal proceedings, including eviction and back rent collections.
  • Legal counsel arranged when necessary.
  • Available 24 hours/day for both owner and tenant to contact.


  • 24-hour emergency service.
  • We have a fully equipped maintenance shop to handle routine maintenance/repairs.
  • Between tenants – necessary cleaning, repairs, painting, etc. is completed.
  • Experienced in Renovation work – especially older properties.
  • Major project supervision; subcontracting for major work arranged.
  • All properties inspected on routine basis.
  • Grounds maintenance.
  • Snow removal services arranged upon request.


An expect in all areas of insurance, especially liability and casualty insurance, is available on staff. We also have management packages designed to fit the needs of condominium associations as well as the individual owner. A unique service is also available.  It is designed to alleviate the worries for the homeowner who is in the process of selling a home in this area after they have relocated to another.   We will watch over their home, and perform all routine maintenance necessary until the property is sold.  For further information on these services, as well as the other services described, please contact us.

Home | About Us | Services | Rental | Management | Contact

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