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          Insurance certificate request form

First Name:

Last Name:




Mailing address:

What is the name of your Condo:

Unit-owner name or new buyers name:

Be sure to enter your name exactly as it appears on your unit deed. Most banks require this.

Unit-owner address:

This should be your mail address, and not the building address. If you own this unit and it as an investment then enter the address where we can reach you. This will help in case we need to contact you for any reason.

Bank name:

Provide your bank or lending institution name exactly as they want nit listed on the certificate. “its successors and/or assign” and ATIMA” is on every certificate. There is no need to retype the information into the request.

Bank address:

Be sure to provide the address that the bank wants to see on the certificate and not a local branch. If the bank address is incorrect it will go to the wrong location and get lost. This may require a second certificate.  Second certificate will only be mailed to unit owner directly.

Loan number and closing date:

Banks file information by the loan number. Cut down on the number of certificate that we send to banks that “get lost”. Eventually the bank will force place their own policy if they do not receive evidence of a master insurance policy


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